I'm so excited you're here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Megan Corwin.

If We Work Together, You Will....

  • Feel giddy about your website. When people ask for your web address, you should feel confident telling them.
  • Have a place to on social media where you share your personality and business offerings without feeling like a link pusher.

  • Successfully use your website and social media accounts to share with the world what makes you so special.

Why We Should Work Together

For years, I worked on data analysis and programming by day. During the evenings, I created a variety of craft projects, like self designed and printed tshirts, and sold them online.

While researching how to promote my ecommerce store, I became fascinated with social media and internet marketing.  Then I had an epiphany. 

I could combine my interests in technology, arts and marketing into learning how to create a compelling internet presence.

Now I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses by creating and executing social media marketing plans and websites.

Combining technology, art and marketing to promote entrepreneurs is fun for me. I look forward to using my range of skills and experiences to promote your business.

My Services

Logo / Branding Identity Standards, Unlimited Concepts for 30 Days - $750

Website Design in Squarespace - starting at $900
Website Design in Wordpress - starting at $1200

Business-in-a-Box:  Logo, Business Card, Squarespace Website Design with Training on How to Update (2 hours) - $1400

Personalized Social Media Audit and Strategy Plan - $350

Your Turn

Now it's my turn to learn more about you and your business!

Getting to know you will help me with coming up with the perfect plan for getting your business noticed online.


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