Pinterest + Instagram = the Perfect Visual Marketing Couple

Pinterest and Instagram make a great marketing team. If you’ve been thinking about diving into creating visual content, using Pinterest and Instagram together is a great place to start.

Pinterest and Instagram Complement Each Other

Pinterest and Instagram go together like peanut butter and jelly. Pinterest is the mac to Instagram’s cheese. Using these two platforms together make a lot of sense.

Where Pinterest is weak for marketing, Instagram is strong. And vice versa.


Pro: Great for driving traffic to your website.

Pinterest can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. The key to Pinterest is to combine a beautiful image with an enticing call to action. The call to action can be something as simple as the promise of a how-to tutorial or a top ten list when the viewer clicks through.

Con: Really not very social.

People don’t build relationships on Pinterest. Occasionally, comments get added and pins get sent to friends. But it isn’t really conducive atmosphere for fostering relationships.


Con: Not great for driving traffic to your website.

The only place there is a live link within Instagram is in the account bio. So, if you want followers to go to a blog post, for example, you would add the blog link to your bio and then have to type “live link in bio” in the comments.

Pro: Incredibly social.

Great for growing your network. Instagram is a very social network (provided your account is public). Through the strategic use of hashtags, your post will be visible to anyone who searches a particular tag. Hashtags expose your content to your ideal customers, and also allow you to find users within your target market. Instagram users are an active bunch of people, so by commenting on someone’s post with a thoughtful comment, you can start a conversation.

A Posting Strategy for Instagram and Pinterest

If you plan your visual content ahead of time, you can use any photos you take for both platforms. Make a few tweaks and you’ve got items to post in both places.

For Instagram, crop your photo to square, do any edits and you’re ready to post. For Pinterest, the best ratio is 2:3 for width to height. Use Picmonkey or Canva to crop your image accordingly or use it is part of a collage. While you’re using these tools, add any text if you want. BAM! One image with two edits means two pieces of visual content.