Take Your Instagram Marketing to New Heights Using Data Analysis

Data analysis for your social media accounts can provide lots of valuable information. Which tactics are working? Which ones need some attention?

Taking a step back from creating the content to determine the effectiveness of your marketing is a valuable exercise.

The majority of social media platforms provide some sort of analysis tools for business users. However, Instagram does not. (For the record, I am fine with Instagram not catering to marketers, but I covered that here.)

How Can I Collect Instagram Data for Analysis?

Luckily there’s no need to make a cumbersome daily spreadsheet to record your own data. SimplyMeasured offers a free Instagram report that can provide data for your account or competitors.

I Have the Data –Now what?

When reviewing your SimplyMeasuerd report, whether it is your account data or a competitor’s, note the following:

Who are the most active followers?

For your own account, be sure you are engaging with these brand ambassadors in the comments. For a competitor, take a look at these users. Are they someone you should follow/start a relationship with?

What day/time are posts getting the most response?

SimplyMeasured will tell you the most effective time and day of the week based on your past posts. Take a look at a competitor’s data to determine if the day and time are consistent with yours – if not, try a few posts when they are receiving the most engagement as a test.

Which hashtags (called tags on the report) are best for engagement?

Many marketing professionals tell you lots of hashtags look spammy, but I have not seen a negative impact from using up to the allotted 30 hashtags. Using a large number of targeted hashtags will greatly increase your reach.

Review which hashtags are most effective for engagement. Make a note to use them when they are relevant to your posts.

Are your competitors using any targeted hashtags you aren’t? This report is a good way to find out.

SimplyMeasured allows you to export your data to Excel. This feature is extremely useful if you want to do your own analysis.

Reviewing relevant statistics is a great way to determine the health of your Instagram account.

Are you using any other tools to collect Instagram data?