End of the Year Clean Up Tasks

2014-02-06 09.02.52.jpg

When I worked in a large corporation and I was in the process of accruing vacation days, I actually enjoyed working around the holidays. That week between Christmas and New Year's Day are especially terrific.

I would take the opportunity to file those piles of papers on my desk and clean out my emails. Without distractions such as phone calls and a boss dropping by for updates, I got amazing amounts of stuff accomplished.

Even though I no longer work for a large company, I still enjoy the slower pace as clients start taking their well deserved time off.

This year I am taking a few days to get organized to start 2015 off on the right foot. 

Here's what I am including in my year end clean up.

Year End Clean Up Tasks

  • Make sure all my social profiles have my new website after my mid-year re-brand.
  • Update my social profiles with a new photo. My current one is a year and a half old.
  • Close all my abandoned social accounts. I am streamlining them and sticking with just one profile on each network. No more business and personal accounts -- just one!
  • Create new a new Twitter background to reflect current branding.
  • Organize my massive downloads folder, cluttered with stock photos and fonts galore.
  • Back up client files to Dropbox.
  • Back up my business files to Dropbox.
  • Take the time to add a client portfolio to my website.
  • Check domain names and hosting accounts. Stop auto-renewal for those domains I no longer use.
  • Make a new banner for my Creative Market shop.
  • Organize my receipts in preparation for tax time.

I'm sure I'll think of other things to add.

Do you do any year end clean up tasks?