Hey, Entrepreneurs - Get Out of Your House!

Columbus, Ohio weather has been so dreamy lately. Today it is in the mid-70s and partly cloudy. On days like this I like to go work from a Starbucks or Panera for a few hours. I get my caffeine fix and can work via wi-fi.

While coffee shops are fun, bustling places to go work, the added expense of beverages (and pastry treats) really start to add up.

However, when working from home by yourself, getting out of the house can help keep your sanity.

What's a boot strapping, budget minded entrepreneur to do?

Here are some of my favorite places to get out of the house (without paying for it).


3 Places for Entrepreneurs to Go to Get Out of the House

Bookstore - This option is for those who have enough restraint not to purchase anything. Go look at the newest business books and flip through industry magazines.

Library - Did you find a book you like at the bookstore? Now go get it at the library. BAM! Many libraries also offer free wi-fi and meeting/working rooms, making it a great place to go work for a change of scenery.

Park - Going for a walk can provide a wonderful change of scenery. Some of my best thoughts come to me while cruising along a Columbus Metro Park or neighborhood park. AND here's a double dip idea: take scenic photos in the park to use as stock images for your website and social media posts. You'll be getting some movement in, and be productive at the same time.

These are three of my places to go when I desparately need out of the house and don't want to pay for it.

Where do you like to go to give your entrepreneurial brain a break?