The Path to Saving Time Marketing on Instagram

Have you ever gone to Instagram to post a photo and by the time you tear your eyes away from the incredible images you see there it’s an hour later? Yeah, me, too.

Instagram can be a very effective marketing platform. But if you don’t manage your posting and interacting tasks well, it can also eat away precious time.

Making effective and engaging content to use for Instagram marketing requires and investment of time and resources. 

Here are three of my favorite tools to get you on the right path to efficient Instagram marketing.


Transferring Images

Instagram images must be posted via the mobile app. But what if you already have a stash of product images on your laptop? Or would like to use an online tool like PicMonkey or Canva to improve your phone photo?

PhotoSync is sure to become one of your favorite go-to apps. This handy app transfers images between multiple devices.

Just connect both devices to the same wireless connection and you can send photos from your laptop to your phone, your phone to your tablet or any other combination of your gadgets.

Thank goodness you’ll never have to email a photo to yourself again.

No More Hashtag Headaches

You likely use same hashtags on many of your image in order to reach your target market.  

If you have slow, fat fingers like I do, typing on a phone can seem very tedious. Save valuable time by copy and pasting the hashtags from a list.

Apps like Instatag allow you to create a custom list for hashtags you use often.

You will have to spend some time typing in your list to get it set up. But after you’ve created your list, going forward you can copy and paste your list for each new Instagram post. 

Auto Backup Your Instagram Feed

You’ve heard the saying “don’t build a house on land you don’t own.” Business experts regularly emphasize the need for a website, because you don’t own the real estate on any social platform. What happens if the platform shuts down or you get blocked on Instagram?

Don’t rely on Instagram to store your images. Saving a copy of your photos is always a good idea.

Instagram advises you to go to each image on your account, use the Copy Share URL, open the photo on your mobile browser and then save the image to your phone. Who has time for that? And then, you would want to get them off your phone in case that ever dies – yet another step.

Instead, use IFTTT.

IFTTT, an acronym for “If This Then That,” uses “recipes” to automatically trigger an action when you do something.

Here’s a recipe to copy your Instagram photos to Google Drive.  Posting a new Instagram photo will trigger the action to save your image. 

While Instagram marketing works, it can also take time. Using these tools will free up some administrative time so you have more time to spend creating native images or engaging with your target market instead.