Visual Content Management: 3 Tools to Step it Up

Now that you’re out taking your own stock images for your website, as mentioned in the last post, you’re undoubtedly seeing your camera roll get filled with photo goodness. Yay!

But all those files cluttering up your phone can feel overwhelming – especially if, like me, you take 3 photos of the same thing from a slightly different angle or different exposure.

Luckily, there are some terrific apps to help manage your visual content. Here are three I use over and over again.


I heart Dropbox. Not just for photos, but for storing all kinds of files. Dropbox provides a super handy service called Camera Upload, which automatically backs up your phone or tablet images.

Keep in mind images are large in file size and will quickly get you to your Dropbox storage limit. Make a habit of regularly cleaning out your uploads within Dropbox or pay for more storage.

Here’s how to set up Camera Upload.


PhotoSync is the bomb diggity. As long as the two devices have access to the same wireless network, you can quickly send images between them.

Want to edit your photos in Photoshop or use them in a Canva design? Send them to your laptop. Need that blog post image on your phone to upload it to Instagram? Send it to your phone with a few clicks. BAM!

So much better than emailing photos to yourself.

Google Drive

Google does have a Google Drive AutoBackup feature similar to Dropbox’s Camera Upload if you prefer to use it.

But I use Google Drive for something else - I use the Sheets program to input daily data about specific Instagram accounts. As a marketer, I track items such as the number of followers, likes, and comments each day.

Knowing if I had to log into my laptop on weekends to track, I would likely flake.  I sought a solution that allowed me to access the spreadsheet from my phone.  Google Drive’s Sheets does the trick.

These three tools have helped me manage my visual content. What apps or programs help you with your image workflow?