How to Get Your Instagram Marketing on the Right Track

It seems like all over the web these days we see tips and tricks for marketing on Instagram. 

I've read articles about posting on specific days and times. Seen recommendations about the color ranges that should be involved for more likes. Heard studies claiming photos with faces in have more engagement.

The thing is, Instagram marketing is really more art than science.

In fact, I've found:

The best way to market on Instagram is to not market on Instagram.

As a fellow marketer, I love data. We all want to know what works and repeat it, right?

In fact, it was my own personal analysis of Instagram accounts that led me to understand this non-marketing technique is really the best for engagement.

I'll be sharing more details of my study in the future, but the most overwhelming thing I've learned so far: People want to see pretty pictures on Instagram.

Well, duh.

I've been an advocate for Instagram marketing for over a year. I even wrote on the topic for a well known social media collective blog.

Like you, I wanted to I could quickly zip off any inspirational quote made using a quote app to skyrocket my engagement. I wanted to share the 'formula' for getting more followers, likes, and comments.

How to Get Your Instagram Marketing on the Right Track

As I mentioned, I've been tracking the engagement of two accounts for months now. Both accounts both sell Instagram marketing information products, but their similarities end there.

Over three months of tracking these accounts, I've noticed:

  • Beautiful, native photos matter. Screenshots, quote apps, and quick snapshots may be easy content, but they are not received as well.
  • Put the text in your caption, not over your image. Of the two accounts I followed, one posts almost exclusively images with text overlay, while the other only occasionally puts text over a photo.
  • Lay off the self promotion. Consider Instagram a connection building platform rather than a traffic driving one. Of the two accounts I tracked, one consistently posted self promotional posts, asking followers to click in the bio, follow someone, or sign up for something. The other account promoted their new offerings at a rate of about one promotional post to 5-8 non-promotional. Guess which account has a higher engagement rate and bigger following?

I'll be sharing the details of my study soon, but I wanted to let you know what I've noticed so far.

So, the takeaways: post beautiful images and don't constantly promote your business. Use your business Instagram account as you would your personal account - building connections with others.