Limitations to Squarespace (And Workarounds)

limitations to squarespace and workarounds

Now, all that said there are some limitations to Squarespace, and I want you to be aware of them before you create your website. For some people they may be deal breakers – but most likely they won’t be any issue for you. It’s just good to know going in what limitations there are.

So, here are some things to watch out for.

Squarespace Limitations

The "Free" Domain

When you sign up for a paid Squarespace account, you get a free domain. The domain name is simply the website address – like

I don’t recommend getting your domain name through Squarespace. I suggest purchasing your domain name through GoDaddy, BlueHost, or your preferred provider.

The reason why is you will have full control over the renewals, and administration of that domain name. For example, say you get the domain through Squarespace and then decide you don’t want to use Squarespace– you have to wait 60 days before transferring. And then it takes some work.

So, from the start, I say pay the extra few bucks a year to purchase the domain on your own and then map it to your SS site. SS provided great detailed instructions online how to do that.

No Email with "Free" Domain

Another reason I don’t recommend using the domain provided by Squarespace is they do not offer email services. If you are setting up a website, you’ll probably want an associated email address – it just really bumps up your level of professionalism, vs, say, a Gmail address.

Now, Squarespace has a relationship with Google apps where you can buy an address for $5/month. My recommendation is to check out deals where you purchase your domain name to see if they offer any packages or deals for both the domain name and emails.

Purchasing your domain name  and email service from the same place just simplifies things.  I feel the more providers, the more links in the chain you get – and when something goes wrong it can be harder to pinpoint where along that chain the issue is to get it resolved.

Membership Sites

Another limitation with Squarespace is they currently don’t offer a good solution for membership websites. What I mean by this is if you want to have a private area on your website where people pay to access restricted information, like videos.

You can create a password protected website, but a full blown membership area is a bit of a challenge within SS. The good news is there are external services you can use as a workaround to provide membership for users, such as TinyPass. And most people aren’t going to have a membership area, so it may be a non-issue for you.

OK, so we’ve talked about how SS makes beautiful websites, is friendly to use for most non-techy folks, and talked about workarounds for the few Squarespace limitations.

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