5 Tasks for Entrepreneurs on a Rainy Monday

Some Mondays are sunny and bright. I'm filled with optimism and ready to kick the week in the butt. Caffeine is just an added bonus, not a necessity.

Those kinds of Mondays are the best.

But then, sometimes, there are rainy Monday mornings after busy weekends.

When instead of working, I really feel like crawling back under the covers. The coffee doesn't seem to work. No matter how long I stare at a new open document, nothing gets created. 

Today is one of those rainy Monday mornings for me. 

But instead of letting the day slip away, and hoping I wake up rested and rearing to go on Tuesday, I still get things accomplished. I just shift my strategy for the week a bit.

Here are some ideas for being productive on rainy Mondays. Or really any morning you can't seem to get motivated. 

tasks for entrepreneurs on rainy Mondays - digital wabi sabi

Productive Tasks for Rainy Mondays

1 - Clean your desk

Yes, I can sometimes resort to desk cleaning as a form of procrastination. But the truth is, working on a clean surface really helps me concentrate. I'm a firm believer that junk in my peripheral vision clutters my mind and pulls down my energy levels. 

So, take a few minutes to tidy your work space.  Make nice neat stacks of papers, wipe down the surface and water any desk plants.

Now, isn't that better?

2- Back up/Delete/Organize your laptop files

Just like a clean physical desktop, a clean virtual desktop can make you feel in control. Get rid of home screen overwhelm by organizing files in folders. Save as many files to Dropbox as make sense and then delete them from your view. 

Another place to clean out is your Downloads folder (or wherever your laptop automatically downloads file). I tend to download files and then save copies in other folders. There's no need to keep 2 copies.

3- Make a To Do List

Knowing what needs to be done can give you a sense of control over your week and work tasks. Write those tasks down so when you feel moved to start getting things accomplished you'll know right where to start.

4 -Do Some Competitive Research

Browse the websites of competitors in your field. Take note of what they are doing. What do you like (and how can you integrate it into your business)? Where do you see opportunities to do something better - is there a gap in the information they provide? 

The key here is to not fall into the trap of feeling down on your own business or website because it is at a different level. Use this time for brainstorming and dreaming, not wallowing in self pity.

5 - Make Sure all Expenses are Categorized in Your Financial Software

Personally, I use Freshbooks. But it does't matter what financial tracking tools you use; it seems like there are always some expenses that end up being 'Uncategorized.'

Common categories include supplies, utilities, advertising, meals and entertainment, education and training. 

While on the surface, it seems like a no-brainier task (just look at a transaction and change the entry in a dropdown box), you'll probably find deeper work going on here. 

For example, if you are categorizing lots of expenses as postage, you may decide it is time to find a better way to ship your goods. Too many supply expenses? How can you reduce your spending? 

These 5 tasks are easy to tackle, yet will have you feeling accomplished. 

Hopefully, handling these tasks will motivate you to continue getting things done on your rainy Monday.