3 Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

So, have you created a Squarespace cover page yet? They are pretty cool.

The can serve as mini standalone websites for when you are in the process of developing a new, more complex site. Or they can serve as a one page online resume or portfolio.

However, even if you already have a more robust website, there are still some creative ways to use cover pages.

Here are 3 ideas for how to use cover pages on your Squarespace website.

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3 Creative Uses for Squarespace Cover Pages

1 - As an opt in form for an upcoming product or program launch

Before you even launch your new product or service, you will want to collect the emails of prospective customers. 

Use a cover page as a type of sales page, where you can concentrate on the benefits of your offering and share testimonials. 

2 - Landing page from different advertising platforms

Ads that go to your website's home page will cause some users to get distracted by your blog or other options and then never opt-in. 

Create a stand alone cover page to gather the contact information for these folks. When you drive ads and marketing back to the cover page, have just one single and obvious call to action. 

Using this tactic will improve your advertising conversion rates.

In the his episode 'Building an Online Presensce Using Squarespace,' the Squarespace Guru provides detailed information about why landing pages are key to establishing yourself on the internet.

3 - Hub page for your multiple websites

For those folks who have multiple businesses or programs with their own websites, use a cover page as a hub for all of your endeavors.

That way, you can have business cards printed with just one web address. 

Are you ready to make a cover page? Squarespace walks you through the steps

Have you made a Squarespace cover page yet? Can you think of any other uses for them?